The first iPhone 12 Pro Max with USB-C is on sale on eBay

The Slovak company “DEEP” has successfully implemented a USB-C port in an iPhone 12 Pro Max. The company has also published a video showing all the steps taken to replace the Lightning port. At the end of the operations, the device was perfectly operational with both Itunesfor example, that connecting it to a Mac. No problem, by the way, even with the use of an original Apple charger.

The company, through a post, explained the experiment as follows: “Many iPhone owners have long waited for Apple to ship the most popular and acclaimed USB Type-C port on their iPhones, as it did on the iPad Pro or MacBook. Especially ‘PRO’ device users would appreciate a cable for all devices that they use every day in their work. We have decided to at least partially satisfy this desire and offer an original Apple iPhone mobile phone with a USB-C port instead of the original Lightning port. “

The phone is now available on Ebay: the auction started on Thursday and will end on March 6. Finally, something similar was done by robotics student Ken Pillonel, who sold a USB-C iPhone X for $ 86,001.