The first reviews of the Steam Deck console arrive: there is no shortage of praise, but also criticism

Valve’s new video game console, the Steam Deck, is receiving rather mixed reviews. In general, those who are already trying it (it came out yesterday, February 25) expressed his satisfaction with the hardware and services offered. Moreover, the controllers are comfortable and responsive, as well as integrated touchpads that allow you to play even the best games designed for keyboard and mouse. In this regard, Steam OS allows each user to customize the keys.

Among the strengths, full compatibility of many Steam games and the technical support that Valve intends to offer. In fact, the company would have opened to the hypothesis of selling spare parts to allow people to carry out repairs even at home. Furthermore, it would appear that Valve is willing to offer the battery replacement.

After i “pro”, obviously, the “against”. In addition to the need to customize the keys in some games – for everything to work for the best – some reviewers have pointed out that for to extend the battery it may be necessary to act on the graphics settings or on frame rate limits.

There are also problems on the software side. S.there would be many bugs that emerged during the tests, such as console crashes, error messages, momentary freezes, and graphics problems (all of which can be resolved through software updates). Furthermore, other criticalities derive from the fan noise and, as previously written, from the battery life (a little more complicated to solve with future updates).