The Follow button may soon arrive on the Chrome desktop

Chrome is the most popular browser in the world, and its Chromium engine is even more so, as several browsers rely on it. There may be one on the horizon interesting news per platform desktop.

The novelty we are talking about corresponds to the possibility of follow specific websites via a button Follow directly implemented in the address bar of the browser. This is true so much for Chrome as for other browsers, such as Edgewhich are based on Chromiumsince the commit related to this feature was added right on Chromium’s Gerrit.

The functionality related to the link Follow in the address bar is already available for the mobile version of Chrome. When you follow one specific web contentthe page relating to the following site is proposed in the home section of the new tab of the browser.

The news on dekstop is not yet available publicly. We expect it to be tested in the coming weeks via i classic flags in experimental versions of Chrome.