The Galaxy S22 series seems to have problems with Android Auto

We are all aware of this, at launch practically all devices run into the possibility, far from remote, to present some bugs, usually then solved with the release of some updates by the manufacturer; Not even the latest top of the Samsung range are excluded from this case, just yesterday we reported to you how some S22 Ultra units have a problem with the display, today we are talking about a problem that some users are experiencing when using Android Auto, coupled with the latest born of the Korean giant.

Some Galaxy S22 series units fail to interface properly with Android Auto

According to what various reports on Redditseveral users, owners of Galaxy S22 Ultra, are experiencing difficulty connecting to your own infotainment system car; in fact, it seems that both for wired and wireless connections, the car display returns a black screen, although the physical input of the touchscreen works, it is obviously not possible to view what appears on the screen. Based on the reports it would seem a widespread problem not only to Ultra versions, but also to Galaxy S22 +while other smartphones, both from Samsung and other brands, seem to work fine.

On the other hand, based on the reports on Samsung forumit seems that the problem is actually not that widespread, since several users claim that everything works fine for them; However, it does not seem that Reddit users are exaggerating since, on the Android Auto support forum, there is a thread marked as duplicate (therefore not inherent to a single report) in which despite the comments are disabled, at the time of writing there are 95 positive votes on the subject. The forum in question refers to a generic support page for failed connections, thus not addressing the specific problem. For his part, Samsung, has not yet issued official statements on the matter, probably waiting to detect and study the problem more carefully, before getting to work for the eventual release of a resolutive update; we will not fail to keep you informed of any developments.