the PS5 viewer on display in the first images!

With a post published on the official blog, Sony finally shows us the official design of PlayStation VR2the latest generation augmented reality headset that will be available this year for PlayStation 5. As was to be expected, the design partly recalls that of the console, but above all that of the controller PS VR2 Sense already presented some time ago: the “spherical” look certainly gives it a futuristic look and we also discover some new features.

PlayStation VR2 for PS5: futuristic design and a revolutionary cooling system

Sony explains that during the design of the PS5 it was already thinking about the realization of the PlayStation VR2: this explains the similarities, which are desired, between the console and the new generation VR headset. As for the PS VR2, a spherical designby virtue of the fact that it is a device that is constantly in contact with the wearer.

So, if on the one hand there was the aim of giving life to an element that was also captivating for home furnishings, on the other hand the aim was to build an object that was not tiring to use, to let us immerse ourselves in the game world almost forgetting that we have a headset on our head or a controller in our hands. The concept used for the first PS VR has been reapplied and partially modified for the next-gen headset, with the maintenance of some functions already seen with the previous generation, such as the adjustable visor and the positioning of the stereo headphone input.

PlayStation VR2 PS5

The PlayStation VR2 however, it will offer us something more, such as the lens wheel adjuster, to offer an extra option aimed at adjusting the distance of the lens between the eyes and optimizing the view. The slimmer design and the slightest weight reduction, along with an innovative ventilation systemcomplete the picture as regards the comfort guaranteed by the vieweras Yujin Morisawa, Senior Art Designer of SIE explains:

When I started working on the design of the PlayStation VR2 headset, one of the areas I wanted to focus on from the very beginning was creating a air intake in the viewer similar to those of the PS5 console that allow for air flow. Our engineers came up with this idea to allow for ventilation and avoid fogging the lenses when gamers are immersed in VR games. I worked on many design concepts to achieve this and, in the final design, you can see a small gap between the top and front of the visor which contains the integrated ventilation. I am really proud of the final result and the positive feedback I have received so far. I hope PlayStation fans are satisfied too and can’t wait for them to try out PS VR2

PlayStation VR2 photo

PS VR2 price and release date

There is no information yet regarding price and release date: details that, it is assumed, we will know during the year in view of a launch that should take place during the next autumn season, according to the latest rumors.

Sony concludes by assuring that the PlayStation VR2 they are already in the hands of the developers and we can therefore expect new announcements as the months go by.