the retractable decoder is to be preferred (€ 29)

Time to prepare for the transition to new digital terrestrial DVB T2 and now. If the television isn’t ready, you can do it with a retractable decoder. There is, but it is not seen and not only. In fact, a device like this is also equipped with additional media player features.

Among other things, it is a product that can be taken home at an absolutely democratic price. For example, the model of Strong – leading brand in the sector – lo take home for just about € 29. A very interesting compromise between quality and price for a device that will allow you to continue watching your favorite channels even after the switch is completed.

DVB T2 digital terrestrial: the retractable decoder is the best solution

An incredibly compact device: this is one of its main strengths. After connecting it to the port HDMI of the TV, it disappears and is no longer visible. However, he is ready to do his job perfectly.

In fact, it naturally enjoys full compatibility with the HEVC Main 10 codec, that is codec H265which will allow you to continue watching TV after the switch.

As anticipated, this kind of product has an added value that should not be underestimated. You can exploit it as media player: thanks to the supplied adapter, add one USB port to which you can connect your external memories and play the audio and video content on board.

That’s why a retractable decoder for the new digital terrestrial DVB T2 it is certainly the preferred solution. A product that allows you to continue watching your favorite shows, adds functionality to your television, but you don’t see it. It does not spoil the aesthetics of the panel and – above all – it is perfect for TVs hung on the wall: you will not have to look for (or create with shelves) a place to house another, more cumbersome model.

As anticipated, these are incredibly cheap devices, even if you are looking for a quality one. That of Strongavailable on Amazon for just about € 29 it is certainly an excellent solution.

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