the rollout of the Live Rings on the mobile version starts

You know, YouTube it’s an endless repository of ever-new content, thanks to millions of channels that publish content on a regular basis. In addition to content uploaded to the “beautiful and ready” platform, live streaming has increasingly taken hold in recent years, becoming a real trend among YouTube content.

Precisely for this reason, YouTube has not stood by and has implemented one new feature which is now being released for its own mobile version.

Live Rings are coming

The novelty of the mobile version of YouTube takes the name of Live Ringsand was announced by Neal MohanChief Product Officer of YouTube, through his Twitter profile.

In a nutshell, as Neal Mohan says, i Live Rings they are rings that, at a glance, will help the user to understand when a channel is broadcasting live content.

Specifically, when a channel starts broadcasting live, a red ring with the word “LIVE” is displayed at the bottom, around the avatar of that channel. The user can reach the live broadcast directly by clicking on the image of the channel, without having to visit the channel in order to watch it.

This “new” idea takes up concepts already cleared by social platforms such as Instagram And TikTok who regularly march on live content, and it’s not the first time these “apps” take inspiration from each other.

THE Live Ringsas mentioned at the beginning, they are in release for the mobile versions of YouTubebut we don’t know if and when they will also be rolled out for the desktop version of YouTube.

The release should take place on the server side, but we still recommend that you update the YouTube app to the latest version available through the Google Play Store, using the badge below, or by downloading the APK file by APKMirror and installing it manually.

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