the search for personnel begins

The 2022 of Iliad it started with a “bang”: the French telephone operator, in fact, at the beginning of this year launched its Fiber offer and tried to buy the Italian division of Vodafone, even though its offer of more than 11 billion euros was turned down.

This “small hitch” does not seem to have slowed down Iliad’s growth plans in our country and further confirmation comes from the continuous strengthening of the operator’s physical presence in the various Italian regions with the opening of more and more new stores.

The latest in the series will open its doors in Brescia: it will be a Iliad Storefor which the telephone operator has already started the searches for the personnel who will then have to employ in it.

Iliad is looking for candidates for the management of the new store in Brescia

According to what is learned from the Iliad website dedicated to job offersas regards Brescia, the operator is looking for a Store Consultant and a Store Manager.

In particular, it Store Consultant will have the task of “taking care of the users” who will go to the store, providing them with the best possible solution and trying to introduce them to the various services offered by the company. For more information and to propose your candidacy we refer you to the dedicated page.

The Store Manager it is a more prestigious assignment, as it will be his task to manage the store, inspire the whole team and coordinate the work, also taking care of relations with customers. For more information and to propose your candidacy we refer you to the dedicated page.

We remind you that in recent days Iliad has updated the page of its website dedicated to the search for its points of sale (you can find it here), making it easier to find one of the 3,442 places (including Store, Corner, Point and Express) where you can buy the telephone operator’s products.

You can find all Iliad offers by following this link.

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