To see the foldable iPhone it will take a very long time

The folding smartphones are gaining ground, but the appeal of companies that have launched (or are about to) a foldable device is still missing Apple: according to the latest news, the Cupertino company is far from presenting the foldable iPhone and we will have to wait at least another three years.

According to the analyst Ross Youngthe company will release a foldable iPhone not before 2025: initially, the smartphone was scheduled for 2023, but it appears that “the company do not rush to enter the foldable device market and it could take even longer than said “.

Despite this, Apple seems very interested in this type of technology and may be working on a “Foldable Mac”: again according to Ross Young, “there is interest in a larger dimension, about 20 inches. This size could create a new category for Apple: a notebook with a full-size keyboard when folded and from use as a monitor with an external keyboard when not folded. For this product, however, we will have to wait even longer, probably later until 2026 or 2027.