TreasureDAO engineer allegedly involved in dubious NFT projects in the past

On Wednesday, decentralized finance, or DeFi, detective @zachxbt public a long thread about TreasureDAO frontend engineer Just Cheese, or JC, and his alleged past involvement in various non-fungible token, or NFT, projects. According their whitepaper, TreasureDAO is a “decentralized NFT ecosystem on Arbitrum that is built specifically for metaverse projects.” The listed projects use the native token of the MAGIC ecosystem for transactions, and TreasureDAO governs the issuance of MAGIC.

According to zachxbt, the story began when JC shared his wallet address on the TreasureDAO discord last November. The DeFi sleuth then claimed to have tracked down a key series of entries, totaling 134.66 ETHin JC’s portfolio to various NFT/token projects, including but not limited to Mutant Cats, ZombieToadz, and Yuta/YYYY – all the projects that, according to zachxbt, were forgotten after the release.

In an official announcement on the TreasureDAO Discord, the project team offered the following explanation:

“From what we understand, Cheese did some UI/FE work for some projects created by these bad actors on a contract basis while breaking into web3, but they abandoned the projects long after he had already delivered and been paid for his The DAO cannot comment on the details of the job as it was outside of Treasure.”

The team went on to say:

“We can comment on the efforts of [JC] while I was at Treasure, who have been amazing, contributing to all of the UI/FE for TreasureDAO sites and products to date.”

zachxbt is known in the blockchain community for his forensic methods of investigating the past conduct of blockchain developers. Last month, The DeFi detective alleged that Michael Patryn, co-founder of defunct Canadian cryptocurrency exchange QuadrigaCX, ran the DeFi project Wonderland’s treasury as its unnamed CFO. User opinions on the matter remain divided on social media, with @cryptopantone, “evangelist” and TreasureDAO moderator on Twitter:

Meanwhile, Josh11#3105, a member of the official TreasureDAO Discord, tried to highlight the importance of project responsibility.writing:

“Seriously, but can we use the DAO funds to pay Zach [zachxbt] to do an internal background check on the portfolios of all team members so we can take care of everything internally and get all the nonsense out of the way so we can move on?”

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