TSMC will respect the sanctions imposed by the West on Russia

Taiwan announced today that it will join the international community in sanction the Russian invasion of Ukraine. In response, second ReutersTSMC said in a statement: “The company is committed to complying with all applicable laws and regulations and is fully committed to complying with the announced new export control regulations“.

In addition, the company pointed out that the company has a strict export control systemincluding a robust evaluation and review process to ensure compliance with export control regulations.

TSMC: Taiwan will join the thinking of Western countries against Russia

Previously, the president of the United States announced today a new round of sanctions against Russia.

  • In addition to imposing crises on the largest Russian banks and state-owned enterprises, it will also limit Russia’s ability to trade in US dollars, euros, pounds and yen.
  • Furthermore, it will freeze all Russian assets in the United States.
  • The United States will also restrict the export of high-tech products to the country and suspend the Russian military’s access to funds and expansion capabilities.

Subsequently, too Japan, South Korea and Australia they announced that they would sanction Russia.

Second DigitimesTSMC and other Taiwa factoriesn are actively expanding the production of chips. From the proceeding so far, the overall market share of integrated circuit smelters in Taiwan will reach 70%. Some insider sources claim that the Taiwanese chipmaker alone accounts for approx 55% of the global foundry market.

Furthermore, Samsung’s foundry market share is around 17%, second only to TSMC. UMC And GF (Global Foundries) each hold approximately 7% market share. The combined market share of SMIC And Hua Hong is about 6%.

Sources believe that after 2023, with all the new production capacity, the aforementioned producers will together represent 90% of the global market share of foundries. Even with grants, there is little room for growth in the foundry business for other companies.

Intel recently acquired Tower Semiconductor, the report said, but the latter represents only 1% of the global foundry market share. Market watchers aren’t so sure about the impact of the Tower Semiconductor acquisition. There is no certainty that the acquisition will help the company generate positive growth.