Twitch is officially back on Xbox One and Series: console streaming starts

Users Xbox One and Xbox Series again have the chance to stream their games to Twitch directly from the console, thanks to the renewed agreements between Microsoft and the purple platform. The news had already emerged a few weeks ago following the appearance of this option within the Xbox Insider program, but now the function is available to everyone.

As you will remember, Xbox One has already allowed this possibility since 2014only to be removed at the launch of Microsoft’s streaming platform, Mixer. History has shown us how this choice was certainly not the most appropriate, since the same house in Redmond put an end to the Mixer project in June 2020, thus leaving Xbox users without the ability to stream games directly. from the console.


Fortunately, things have changed and it is now finally possible to use Twitch for your live shows. Integration is incredibly simple and also allows you to manage some advanced settings such as streaming resolution and bitrate, microphone level, and more. There is also an automatic pause screen when browsing the dashboard, the possibility to change the game without interrupting the live broadcast and the option that allows you to also include any audio of the party chat.

Starting a Twitch stream from Xbox is very simple and simply go to the Capture and Share tab of the Xbox quick menu, from where you can select the option to go live, once the Twitch account is connected. This appears to be just the first of other news coming in the next few weeks: it seems that Microsoft and the platform have finally strengthened the ties.