Ukraine asks Apple to boycott Russia: no products or App Store

Ukraine calls Apple. The Deputy Prime Minister and Ukrainian Minister of Digital Transformation Mykhailo Fedorovin fact, he wrote (and shared on Twitter) one letter addressed to Tim CookCEO of Apple, in which he asks the Cupertino giant to take a clear position on the conflict, isolating Russia by interrupting the sales of its products and blocking access to the App Store.

The salient passage is the one in which Fedorov, after having defined the tragic context that pushes him to move, describes the type of intervention that he hopes Apple can adopt.

I appeal to you and I am sure that you will not only listen, but also do all that is possible to protect Ukraine, Europe and, ultimately, the entire democratic world from bloody authoritarian aggression – cut off the supply of Apple products and services to the Russian Federation, including blocking access to the App Store.


The one that has just exploded, if it is not the first ever, still risks being the most relevant cyber-war in the history of mankind: now cyber weapons affect as much and more than traditional ones. It is natural, therefore, that the position of tech giants like Apple is crucial on the chessboard.

The requests of Deputy Prime Minister Fedorov are probably due to the fact that precisely Tim Cook yesterday have decided to expose himself publicly on the subject with a tweet, declaring their deep concern about the situation in Ukraine andintention to do everything possible to support the population affected by the conflict with humanitarian aid.

Fedorov has therefore seized the ball, however inviting Apple to another type of intervention, which will fit into the tough package of sanctions that the US has prepared for Russia. The situation is constantly evolving, like that of the front, and at the time of writing Cook has not yet replied. However, the possibility exists that Apple’s CEO intervened on the issue precisely to define – in advance of any external pressure – the methods and margins within which he is available to provide his support to the Ukrainian cause. And therefore Apple does not change its position, defined only a few hours ago and which at the moment does not foresee any boycott aimed at Russia.