Ukrainian War: US technology ban towards Russia (like Huawei)

The serious situation that is developing in the heart of Europe has led the other countries of the continent to strongly condemn the military action of Russia, author of the attack in Ukraine.

In the package of measures to make Russian life complicated, there is certainly the ban on US technology against Moscow and the whole country. At a press conference, Biden has in fact announced that exports of technology made in the USA to the country governed by will be banned and stopped Vladimir Putin.


Going into detail, the American president used these words in his speech:

Russia will not be able to compete, it will not be able to invest in dollars, euros or pounds. The largest state-owned enterprises will suffer a massive impact over time. We will restrict Russia’s access to technology and its industrial capacity will suffer for years to come. We will halve their imports of high technology, it will be a major blow to their modernization of the military and industrial apparatus, including the aerospace and space program, we will reduce their ability to compete in these sectors.

Focusing on the technology issue, Biden has decided to induce a ban on access to US technology. This takes us back to 2019 when his predecessor – Donald Trump – had decided to impose the famous ban that has gone down in history against Huawei. Almost three years ago, the official motivation was to be attributed to the lack of information security and the fact that the Chinese company “stole” information from US networks.

This time, however, Russian companies will not be able to access resources such as components, software, patents and everything that is produced and / or designed in the USA. As he points out Bidenthis will be a big handicap as Russia will be “throttled” and will not have the opportunity over the years to progress and modernize its industrial and military sector.

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