Venezuelan bitcoiner group invests in professional soccer team

A bitcoiner investment arrived at Venezuelan sports. The company linked to Bitcoin (BTC) mining, Cripto Ávila, became the official sponsor of the Trujillanos FC soccer team. Now, the company will sponsor the sports team that plays in the Futve 2 League or the local second division.

so what reported the company itself via Instagram, in a publication where they let it be known that they would now sponsor the Andean team. «Always present in the important and historical moments of Venezuela. We are crypto mining and we are also the support of sports in Venezuela,” they wrote.

The information was confirmed by the team’s press officer, Cristina Valiente, to CriptoNoticias. In a message, he specified that the Cripto Ávila company is a sponsor of the club. “It’s just a sponsor,” he said.


However, the move contrasts with what was previously reported by the new president of Trujillanos FC, Hugo López, who in Press conference, held on February 17, said that the team did not yet have official sponsors. This even though the backing billboard behind him displayed the logo of the mining company.

“Officially we don’t have any sponsors. We cannot name a sponsor, we have not made the presentation of the team. Once we do it, we will name who the sponsors are », he commented at the time.

The team president denied that the team had sponsors, but the Cripto Ávila logo was displayed behind him. / Source: Jean Carlos Simancas – YouTube.

López specified that Trujillanos FC had a new directive, which he did not fully reveal for “security reasons.” Therefore, it remains to be seen if the name of a representative of Cripto Ávila is highlighted among that meeting, something that could happen once team members show up.

According to unofficial sources consulted by CriptoNoticias, in addition to being a sponsorship, the bitcoiner company would also have allegedly acquired the soccer team. However, there are no further details of the alleged purchase. This article will be expanded with that information, if confirmed.

Cripto Ávila already had a presence in Venezuelan sports

The Caracas, Venezuela-based Bitcoin mining company It has already had a presence in the sport of the Caribbean country. This has been reported in the past CriptoNoticias.

In December 2021, the company became the official sponsor of the Liga FutVE or first division final. They themselves announced the incorporation through their Instagram account.

At that time, CriptoNoticias spoke with the Cripto Ávila team, who stressed that they could not miss the opportunity to do “something historic”, such as sponsoring the national league.

Cripto Ávila is a company dedicated to the sale of equipment for Bitcoin mining. Via Instagram, they offer hardware from the companies Bitmain, Ebang and Innosilicon. Also, they sell hardware wallets, like the ones produced by Trezor.