Vodafone extends 3 months of free Netflix: today last day!

Vodafone extends the promotion it gives for two days three months of Netflix to customers of its offers of the Infinito range, or those with unlimited Giga: initially it was proposed on the occasion of Valentine’s Day, in the week from 16 to 22 February, while in reality it is today the last day.

In practice, the same is exploited mechanism “draw the smile” in the My Vodafone app that is used on the occasion of Happy Friday: on the home page of the app, users eligible to receive this promo will see the appropriate banner. Once the smile has been drawn, all the instructions for redeeming the credit will appear; there is time until March 25 to complete the procedure.

There are reports that the banner has also appeared to subscribers to offers external to Infinito, such as the Specials for those who switch to another operator, so that anyone who is a Vodafone customer would do well to check it out, you never know. Similarly, the promotion should also appear to those who subscribe to a new Infinito subscription by today, February 24th.

It is important to point out that the offer is valid both for those who already have a Netflix subscription and for new customers. In the first case, at the end of the promotional credit, the subscription will automatically renew by switching to the payment method used usually, while in the case of new subscribers, automatic renewal is not provided.

For those who are already customers, to be fussy, Vodafone actually gives the equivalent in credit (therefore € 38.79) of three months of the standard Netflix plan (remember, it stops at FHD 1080p resolution and allows simultaneous viewing from up to two devices). Not that it’s a bad thing, of course – on the contrary, it all goes to the benefit of the user, who ultimately has more freedom of choice.