Vodafone focuses on the second-hand market

Sustainability is a concept that is also managing to make its way into consumer electronics and the second-hand market from this point of view represents a significant source of savings in raw materials, with a consequent reduction in pollution.

It is therefore not surprising that telephone operators are also starting to pay attention to the market for used devices, as Very Mobile has already done and as it has announced its intention to do. Vodafone.

Some new initiatives from Vodafone for the protection of the Planet

The popular telephone operator in the past few hours has announced that it has made one partnership with Recommerce and to have a series of initiatives specifically designed to encourage European users to extend the life of their smartphones.

Vodafone has thought of a package that will be launched in the coming weeks and will include a whole series of services ranging from insurance to technical support in the event of damage to the devices.

But the telephone operator will not stop there, as it plans to make its contribution also to the second-hand market: this will happen through a new digital platform in which users will be able to get an idea of ​​the value of their smartphones in case exchange. Users will also be asked to hand over old devices that are no longer used, so that they can be put back on the market or disposed of properly.

TO Recommerce instead, the management of a exchange service on a large scale, thanks to which Vodafone customers will be able to purchase good quality refurbished phones.

Basically, the pursuit of the protection of the Planet is managing to become one of the most important objectives even for the giants of the world of technology and they end up benefiting everyone from this new “trend”.

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