Vodafone gives its customers 3 months of Netflix or € 39 of credit: how to activate them

Really greedy the new one promotional initiative launched by Vodafone for some of its customers, which has as its protagonist the subscription plans a Netflix.

The promotion consists of an extension of the offer launched for Valentine’s Day. The initiative provides for the possibility of collecting 3 months of Netflix membership as a gift. Furthermore, it is also valid for those who already have a subscription Netflix, these will receive € 38.97 of credit as a giftequal to 3 monthly rates for the Standard plan.

Unlike the previous Valentine’s Day offer, this one it would not be subordinate when activating a tariff from the range Infinity. The promotion is indeed accessible even to those who have an active Vodafone Special offer, as in our case. To understand if you are suitable it will be enough for you access the MyVodafone app and check in the home section if you find the banner relating to the promotion.

If you are eligible, it will be sufficient to access the offer e accept the conditions. Later it will be possible to redeem the gift, choosing between 3 months for new Netflix customers or credit as a gift for those who already have a subscription. In the latter case, the credit will amount to € 38.97 and will come automatically associated to the account indicated.

Curious that, by going into the settings of your Netflix account after redeeming the gift, it appears that the subscription is paid for 3 months, regardless of the cost of the subscription itself. The second screenshot in the gallery shows this aspect, since in our case we have activated the premium profile which provides a rate from € 17.99 per month.

Vodafone’s offer will be accessible until February 24th, that is until tomorrow. Please let us know if you have received it too.