Vodafone top, Iliad flop: nPerf verdicts on mobile navigation in 2021

For the fourth consecutive year Vodafone turns out to be the best mobile operator in Italy according to the surveys of nPerf, which analyzing the data of the more than 580 thousand speedtests performed in 2021 decreed which of the four players was the best and which was the worst. The top summit, as mentioned, is Vodafone with 77,052 points, the low one Iliad with 58,929 points, in the middle WindTre with 68,412 points and TIM with 65,996 points.

The points were reached by crossing the multitude of data collected with users’ speed tests, therefore not only the download speed or latency; rather they are the resultant of the average of tests on all network technologies, from 2G to 5G. Vodafone, however, made a “full house” and was better in all indicators except for the latencywhere he suffered the mockery of TIM on average more reactive by just over 1 ms (41.12 ms against 42.70).


nPerf points out that the two operators who occupy the highest steps of the podium, Vodafone and WindTre, are also those to be improved more than in the previous survey: Vodafone earned about 10 thousand points, WindTre about 8 thousand, while Iliad overall remained at the stake, nullifying + 41% in the comparison between the average download speed of 2021 and 2020 (+13 megabit / s).

The graphs on theevolution of download and upload speeds during 2021, which give a numerical dimension to the work of the operators to improve the infrastructure over the months, e during a typical day, where, on the other hand, the physiological drop in performance clearly emerges when the network is most congested.


Finally, space for two tests aimed at two specific conditions. The first, the navigation test, was carried out with the aim of measuring the loading time of the five most popular sites from the Italians: unfortunately nPerf does not communicate what they are, it only says that it has excluded YouTube because a separate test has been dedicated to it. The performance of WindTre stands out, not so much in absolute terms because it places second behind Vodafone, rather for the climb compared to 2020 when it was placed last.

On the test that measures the “quality of viewing a video on YouTube” Iliad raises its head by overtaking TIM, rear end, by one percentage point, while Vodafone is confirmed as the best followed by WindTre. The complete report on 2021 of Italian mobile operators seen from the eye of nPerf is available at the link in SOURCE, while here the one with which the best and worst of 2021 was decreed with regard to fixed network lines.

Credits opening image: 123RF