We listen to more and more music: streaming reigns but vinyl mania has exploded

We listen more and more musicand physical media they are gaining strength. According to Fimi (Federation of the Italian Music Industry), already in the first months of 2021 the sale of vinyls had registered a 189% increase compared to the same period of the previous year, exceeding the interest in i CDhowever in 52% growth. There collection of vinyls not it’s a only Italian prerogative: all over the world discs have now become a cult object not only for enthusiasts and represent a “new” way to listen to music in an increasingly digital world.

Trovaprezzo.it, the online price comparator in Italy, carried out an analysis investigating user tastes and preferences who surf the web looking for music carriers. From classic Hi-Fi and vinyls to voice assistants and MP3 players, the Trovaprezzo.it survey shows how the preferences of Italians have changed over time, revealing trends that are anything but obvious.

Undisputed protagonist and the audio speaker compartment, also thanks to the success of speakers and voice assistants. After an initial decline in 2018, there is continued growth to date and the favorite models see the Amazon Echo Dot and Amazon Echo Show 5. But as we said it is also worth noting the rebirth of vinyls: analyzing the trends of the last 4 years we notice a research boom starting in 2020with peaks of interest in December.

As for the Hi-Fi and Hi-Fi components interest was already very high in 2017. After a slight decline in 2018, searches in the categories started to rise again from 2019, reaching the maximum satisfaction respectively in 2021 It is in the 2020. Growth is driven by return of turntablesincreasingly in vogue in the wake of the renewed interest in vinyls, with the most proven Sony PS-LX310BT models and the cheaper Lenco L-30 Wood.

The boom in online music has also affected on the interest in devices for listening outside the home: the categories Personal Audio and MP3 and MP4 Players, after reaching maximum interest in 2017, saw a decline in searches in the following two years. However, against all odds, since 2020 searches for portable CD players, portable radios and MP3 players are growing againwith the eternal Apple iPod Touch leading the way.