we show you how reactions to messages work

The team of Whatsapp is working hard to make the experience of using the Desktop client comparable to that of the mobile version for Android and iOS operating systems. Much attention continue to receive reactions to the messages, which now seem to be one step away from being official

In the last few days, version 2.2207.0 of WhatsApp Desktop Beta has been released: there are no sensational news, as has been happening for some time now, but the staff of WABetaInfo shared a new screenshot that basically shows what the Reaction chatting.

Reactions increasingly prominent on WhatsApp Desktop Beta

So let’s start by showing the image we referred to a few moments ago:

As you can easily see, a small icon relating to the use of emojis will appear in the left area of ​​the WhatsApp message. To react to a message, simply click on it and, immediately after, the reactions available for the user will appear. It should be noted that the icon next to the message will not always be visible but will only be shown by moving the mouse cursor in correspondence with the text. A simple and immediate solution, which however could undergo further developments with future updates.

The Reaction of WhatsApp, for a few months now, have been one of the most requested features by users who, day after day, rely on the popular instant messaging service to stay in touch with colleagues, friends or family. At the moment, since this is an option in the testing phase, it is not possible to have detailed information about the timing necessary for the reactions to the messages to arrive on the official version of WhatsApp Desktop. However, considering the current state of development, the official debut shouldn’t be long.

Obviously we will continue to keep you informed about all the news, more and less revolutionary, coming for each version of WhatsApp.