What if Oppo was also thinking about the display on the back cover?

This is not new, we have recently seen it on Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra, and in the past, it had already appeared on other smartphones.

Now it seems that too Oppo is thinking about it, the company lately has deposited the patents for well three design different with rear camera and thanks to the drawings of letsgodigital we can have a taste of it and try to imagine what it will be like.


Some have a circular shape, others square, but the certifications obtained do not indicate the type of display or functionality. Oppo likely decides to use them for notifications and maybe like Xiaomi, to use the main camera for selfies and speaking of selfies, Oppo has also obtained the first patent for its camera below the display. If the camera under the display, like those seen so far, does not have excellent quality, this way of taking selfies would be even more useful.

What do you think of it? Useful rear screen or move of marketing of companies?

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