WhatsApp’s new vowel graphics are for everyone, and it’s even more beautiful

A few weeks after the release in the beta version, which involved first some testers and then the entire audience of subscribers to the program, the new graphics relating to voice messages also arrive on the stable version of WhatsApp.

For some months the company has been working on an interface update and among the most interesting graphic innovations there is certainly the one dedicated to voice messages, which are now displayed with a waveform that follows the content of the messageto make viewing more enjoyable and to simplify the identification of each vowel.

The new graphics on WhatsApp stable

As always happens with the news of the most popular instant messaging app, even the new graphics of the voice messages have been tested for a few months in the beta channel, in order to collect feedback from users, reports of any problems or incompatibilities with some devices.

Apparently the tests have been completed successfully and even those who prefer to use the stable version, to avoid the stability problems common to the beta versions of the software, can now enjoy the new design. From a functional point of view, nothing changes, voice messages can be managed in the same way as before, but their appearance, as you can see from the screenshot below, has definitely improved.

The shape of the wave is slightly different than that seen previously on the beta versions, with a smaller difference in the amplitude, if we obviously exclude the pauses in the messages, in which the height of the wave is practically zero. The new graphics are being rolled out on the stable version of WhatsApp, we saw it on a Google Pixel 5 with Android 12 and version of the app, but it could also be present in different versions. If you don’t see it, you just have to update the app or wait for the news to arrive with a server-side update.