Windows 11, Microsoft aims to improve the user experience with tablets

Among the new features coming to Windows 11, some will improve the use through touch. Microsoftin fact, he expressed his intention to return more efficient user experience with tablets and devices equipped with touch-screenintroducing new gestures in the next updates of Windows 11.

In particular, efforts are focusing on the taskbar in order to make it smaller. Also, on 2-in-1 devices, when the user detaches the keyboard, the taskbar will expand to simplify use with your fingers (you can also call up the application bar with an up or down gesture).

In addition to the new gestures, Microsoft is also working on widgets, in order to make them more “dynamic”. The goal, in fact, is to allow widgets to provide more information / content to users. Finally, in the next update 37 new emojis could also be added.