Windows 11: Small change coming to make the system even more consistent

Microsoft he continues tirelessly to work on his Windows 11: in particular, the Redmond company wants to improve the consistency of the operating system by eliminating elements with old design and updating them with the graphic style introduced with Windows 11.

In the latest release published on Insider Dev channel (build 22563)there is a change to the application selector, that is the window that is shown when you try to open a file with a particular extension or that can be opened with multiple programs. The selector has been changed in design since now shows rounded corners and transparencies typical of Windows 11.

However, Microsoft has hidden this change from users: to activate it, it is in fact necessary to use the software VivaToolwhich allows you to enable the Windows 11 test functions. More specifically, it is necessary to launch the command vivetool addconfig 36302090 2 from the terminal.