WindTre blocked an Iliad commercial, which replies “we are waiting to know the reasons”

Voltage between WindTre And Iliad: the operator would indeed had the broadcast of an Iliad advert blocked regarding the launch of ultra-broadband fiber.

WindTre she turned to IAP, Institute of Advertising Self-discipline (which precisely governs the advertising practices of companies), which blocked the advertising campaign regarding the offer on Iliad’s ultra-broadband. In particular, it would have been the statement “Iliad box is born, the clear and round fiber with speeds up to 5 gigabytes per second overall. For Iliad mobile users, at 15 euros and 99 ” to create problems.

Iliad obviously it doesn’t fit and she said to herself “very surprised by the intervention of the Jury”with the latter having stated that the hype is in contrast with art. 2 CA. He then added the operator: “we are waiting to know the reasons for this provision in order to understand it and evaluate possible actions”.