with Caviar they become luxury products

The series Samsung Galaxy S22 has just received the treatment Caviar: models in. will be launched soon gold, titanium and carbon fiber.

Samsung Galaxy S22 and Caviar: an exclusive partnership

Russian company Caviar has just launched six ultra-luxurious variants of the Galaxy S22 line-up. Pricing starts at $ 5,980, the standard Galaxy S22 can be used with a smooth titanium finish on the back to replace the “boring” plain glass cover. But it doesn’t end there just because Caviar offers many other variations that use premium materials such as carbon fiber, gold, titanium, crocodile leather and more.

The six skins are Titanium, Victory, Drive, Bird of Prey, Great Gatsy, Ocelot and all will be available for S22, S22 + and S22 Ultra. The models are currently only for pre-orders, but will soon be widely released to the public. However, if you’re interested, there will only be 99 units per model.

Deliveries for the Galaxy S22 Ultra will start from February 25 onwards, while the vanilla and Plus models are expected to reach buyers’ hands starting March 11. Once they can be ordered, the company will need around two weeks to complete the design changes.

The new collection is based on Art Nouveau and the Ocelot model is the most expensive of the group. It is decorated with 24-karat galvanic gold on the top and black PVD titanium on the bottom.

All models have upper and lower halves divided by a V characteristic, which stands for “Victory”. Furthermore, you can also choose the storage variant of all 3 devices before purchase: 128 GB, 256 GB or 512 GB.

In related news, the S22 range is available for preorder. The Ultra variant, however, is the most exclusive one, thanks to a flagship panel with a brightness of 1750 nits, S Pen integrated into the body and much more.