With Microsoft Teams now even the iPhone can become a walkie talkie

The health emergency has made video calling programs central tools in the working lives of millions of people, and in recent years we have witnessed a strong development of these platforms, which under the pressure of pandemic needs have gained many new functions.

In this scenario, Microsoft Teams (integrated into depth in Windows 11, however) is certainly an important reference. But the novelty we are talking about today is not only dedicated to smart working but can also be useful for working in the presence. The Redmond giant has communicated that Walkie Talkie is coming to Teams. And it does exactly what the name suggests, offering the possibility of transforming smartphones or tablets (both Android and iOS / iPadOS) into a walkie-talkie.

Warning: we are not talking about a completely new feature, since it was introduced two years ago, albeit in preview, and then widely distributed on Android devices in September 2020. But now the function is available on all mobile devices, even those from Apple and even Zebra products, popular in companies that equip them to frontline workers.

To enable the walkie-talkie function for the users of your organization, however, you must first carry out a procedure from a computer, adding it to the app configuration criteria from the Teams administration interface, as shown in the screenshots you find above (Microsoft itself provides them).

Once added to the Teams app list, Walkie Talkie will then be available on the mobile app of the users involved within 48 hours.

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