Xiaomi launches the MIJIA Pulsator Washing Machine

From China comes the news of the launch by Xiaomi of a new special edition of MIJIA Pulsator Washing Machine, an intelligent washing machine that can also be managed via the smartphone thanks to the appropriate application.

MIJIA Pulsator Washing Machine Exclusive Edition, this is the name of the new Xiaomi washing machine, maintains the 10 kg capacity of the normal version but uses a Direct Drive motor, thus becoming the first model with this characteristic of the Chinese giant.

The characteristics of the new Xiaomi washing machine

The powerful Direct Drive motor reduces noise from the source, bringing operating noise up to 50 dB, and also precisely controls the angle of rotation of the inner barrel.

In addition, MIJIA Pulsator Washing Machine Exclusive Edition can automatically detect the weight of the laundry and precisely control the amount of detergent to be dispensed and this means that, when the detergent is added, it will not be completely used by the washing machine in a single wash cycle, with consequent savings for the user.

Xiaomi’s new washing machine is also able to automatically adjust the amount of water according to the weight of the clothes, thus saving water and electricity and supporting sterilization with silver nano-ions that penetrate the fibers of the clothes with water, with a sterilization rate of 96% and the ability to remove mites up to 99.9%.

MIJIA Pulsator Washing Machine Exclusive Edition has well 16 washing programs, to allow users to choose the most suitable one for each garment or type of fabric and can count on an operating panel full-touch which guarantees one-key selection.

Finally, the Xiaomi washing machine can be connected to the Mi Home app and can be controlled by smartphone or even via voice commands, including programming the washing time.

MIJIA Pulsator Washing Machine Exclusive Edition is currently available for pre-order in China at 1,999 yuan, equal to the exchange rate of about 280 euros. There is currently no information on possible commercialization in Europe.

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