ZTE anticipates MWC 2022: “Here is the 5G set-top box that we will present”

ZTE announced that at the Mobile World Congress 2022 scheduled in less than two days in Barcelona it will launch a next generation 5G multimedia gateway, in other words a set-top box with Android TV on board. The identification code is difficult to remember – ZXV10 B960GV1 – but the company wanted to raise expectations: “It has a great ability to provide home users with new video experiences characterized by high speed, low latency and high stability.”he writes.

In fact, reading the spec sheet, ZTE’s set-top box can handle high input speeds. If anything, there is to understand what is the chip chosen by the company, which limited itself to specifying that it is a quad core unit that uses Cortex-A53s. However it supports the 4Kalbeit presumably at 30 fps, and the 2K up to 60 fps, and the presence of 5G connectivity is not to be underestimatedespecially for those who might find themselves using it during the holidays, perhaps in a beach house where paying an internet subscription all year round for a few months would be uneconomical.

Finally, the possibility of digesting the AV1 codec whose importance for multimedia contents is increasing. To investigate more deeply the capabilities of the ZTE 5G set-top box you have to wait a few more days, then everything will become clear, including the price which is basically one of the elements that can most influence the level of public satisfaction. Below are the specifications anticipated by the company.