32-in-1 screwdriver for € 6 on Amazon: practically almost FREE

A 32 in 1 screwdriver, that is a kit with body, extension rod and 30 different tips. All in a very practical case. With offers Amazon of the moment, for a few more hours, you make a bargain and take it home for just about € 6.

You must only complete your order on the fly and wait for delivery, fast and free, guaranteed by Prime services. There are very few pieces still available and it is a timed offer: it will end before the end of the day.

32-in-1 screwdriver: useful in a multitude of contexts

The classic product that should be in every home. Perfect for small precision jobs, always unpredictable. Precisely because you never know where the do-it-yourselfthe best thing is to always have awide choice of equipment.

Here’s why to have many tips available it is not an aspect to be underestimated. This kit includes 8 different types of screwdrivers for a total of 30 units.

Use the body of the device directly or add the extension cord to reach practically every corner, even those where it is impossible to reach with your hands. Plus, every tip is magnetic: you won’t have to worry about losing the screws you just removed. They will not fall and there will be no time to waste looking for them scattered on the floor.

Practice protective case allows you to always have the entire kit well kept. If you don’t lose the screws, you don’t necessarily have to risk losing the tips. It would be a real shame. In the same hard plastic case you can also store the body of the instrument and the extension extension.

A 32 in 1 screwdriver therefore perfect for small DIY jobs, especially those that require greater precision. A single product with 30 magnetic tips always available. Let’s be honest, at around 6 € it is practically a gift: complete your order on the fly from Amazon and take advantage of the flash offer. It will last very little. Fast and free shipping.

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