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Samsung announced the series Galaxy S22 earlier this month during the event Galaxy Unpacked. Of all three phones, the model Ultra offers the best mobile technology from the South Korean tech giant. One of the main features of this premium smartphone is its super bright display. Now it turns out that the screen material used by the company is recycled from last year. But what does this mean?

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra: the OLED is that of last year

A report of The Elec states that the material OLED seen on the Galaxy S22 Ultra is the same as that found on the Galaxy S21. It is officially called M11. Despite this, it still manages a better peak brightness level of 1,750 nits. Ergo, don’t worry: nothing in particular happens.

Usually, Samsung Electronics introduces the new OLED material every year with the debut of the Galaxy S series. The company has done so from the S10 series to the S21 Ultra. For the first time, he changed his philosophy.

The company uses the M series of material sets for OLED panels, which supplies a Samsung Electronics And Apple. For the uninitiated, a set of OLED material consists of red, green, and blue pixels.

Sources in the publication suggest that the South Korean company may have opted for older technology in order to manage cost control and, therefore, focus more on S22 series shipments than the Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S20 series. Until now, pre-order numbers are positive from multiple regions.

In South Korea even, they are record-breaking: we talked about them here.

On the other hand, the Galaxy S22 + also uses the M11 material set, which is an upgrade over the M10 found on the S21 + model. However, the standard S22 still comes with the older M10, just like its Galaxy S21 predecessor.

Additionally, the company plans to use the M9 material set for its lower mid-range smartphones in 2022, which is an upgrade over the M8 used in 2020.

The latest set of M12 materials is expected to debut on Samsung’s next-generation folds and iPhone 14s.