up to 200 GB at an affordable price

Rabona Mobileone of the virtual operators, on the network Vodafone, the most interesting of the mobile telephony market in Italy, announces the return of two excellent promotions that allow users to access a complete package of minutes, SMS and, above all, Giga to surf on the go. The Rabona Mobile offers I’m Counterattack And Top Pressing.

Both proposals have a very low price and provide many Giga (up to 200 GB per month). Counterattack is an “operator attack” tariff, therefore available only with number portability by selected operators, while Top Pressing can be activated by everyone, simply by requesting number portability. Let’s see the full details:

Rabona Mobile announces the return of the Counter Attack and Top Pressing offers

The first offer launched today by the operator is Counterattack. It is a fare with unlimited minutes and SMS and with 200 GB of data traffic in 4G (up to 60 Mbps in download and 30 Mbps in upload, under the Vodafone network). The periodic cost of the offer is € 8.99 per month for all users who require number portability from I have. Mobile And Very Mobile. It should also be noted that with the portability from Kena Mobile there is an extra discount that allows you to activate the offer a 7.99 euros per month.

Then there is Top Pressing. This second promotion unveiled by Rabona Mobile includes unlimited minutes and SMS plus 171 GB in 4G (also in this case with a maximum speed of 60 Mbps in download and 30 Mbps in upload). Unlike the previous offer, there are no activation restrictions. The offer is available to everyone by requesting portability to Rabona Mobile from any mobile phone operator. The monthly fee is, in this case, equal to € 8.99 per month for everyone.

To activate one of the two Rabona Mobile offers, one is provided initial expenditure of 29.99 euros. The cost in question includes the purchase contribution for the SIM of 19.99 euros with the SIM that will have 25 euros of bonus credit available. The initial activation fee also includes a first 10 euro top-up which covers the cost of the first month of the promotion chosen by the user.

It should be noted that the two new offers dedicated to those who switch to Rabona Mobile go alongside other promotions already in the price list. Among these there is Trivela di Rabonasuper cheap and very convenient offer that makes available unlimited minutes and SMS and 33 GB in 4G every month at the cost of just 4.99 euros per month. This offer is available both for those who switch to Rabona Mobile, from any operator, and for those who activate a new mobile number with the provider.

All Rabona Mobile offers are available through both activation online, with shipment of the SIM to the address provided by the user, and through activation in a new partner store of the operator. For all the details relating to the new promotions launched today by the provider and to request the activation of the desired offer directly online, please refer to the link below:

Activate one of the Rabona Mobile offers here