a ban on the sale of phones in many European countries

In the last few hours, the news has rebounded according to which, in the Finnish style HMD Globala sales ban on branded phones Nokia in many European countries, primarily Germany, due to a ban imposed on HMD Global itself.

Although here in Italy this is not the case yet, on the Nokia official website, in the pages dedicated to German market (shown in the following image), only two smartphones are on sale: these are the last two arrivals, Nokia G21 And Nokia G11 (on the cover).

The reasons behind the sales ban

As reported by the portal ComputerBild.debehind this sales ban imposed on HMD Global there would be a lawsuit brought against it, in several jurisdictions, by the US company VoiceAge EVS LLC (a company that licenses the use of patents on voice and audio technologies).

The reason for the dispute concerned the so-called EVS standard (Enhanced Voice Service), a speech standard used primarily with technology Times (Voice over LTE, ed) for calls made via the LTE mobile network: la HMD Globalin fact, it does not have a license for this standard.

In December 2021, this lawsuit was upheld in Germany and, as a result, HMD Global was required to stop selling on the German marketuntil further notice, of all smartphones Nokia that used the aforementioned EVS standard.

Other smartphone manufacturers such as AppleTCL and Lenovo were sued by VoiceAge EVS LLC, settling with the US company and avoiding going to court.

HMD Global it seems, however, to maintain a fair degree of confidence on the possible developments of these legal disputes: the Finnish company will continue to sell devices, accessories and services, and for this purpose it has communicated that it has already challenged the order issued in December 2021 to overturn the outcome. .

We will see if there will be further developments on the matter and if these measures are taken against HMD Global they will also concern the Nokia division in Italy.

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