Dragon Age 4: the official development news, the state of the game will surprise you

We’re back to talking about Dragon Age 4. And finally, after several months of rumors and rumors, it is done officially, thanks to an update launched by BioWare in the course of the last few hours, which reveals some details on the development, definitely encouraging for all fans who await the new one. role-playing game series.

As announced by the US development team, Dragon Age 4 is currently in a full-fledged production phase. “We are right in the middle production phase. The developers are currently taking all the gameplay elements on paper and turning them into a real working game ”, reads the post published on the official BioWare website.

The post goes on and reveals some details, including marketing, of Dragon Age 4. The development team has in fact talked about their goal: build a fantastic game world, bring deep characters to life, create decidedly strong gameplay, and much more. “The development team is focusing on making this all real,” said Gary McKay, BioWare’s General Manager since last June.

This is certainly excellent news for all those who have been waiting for the next chapter of the series. Just in the past few weeks, Jeff GamesBeat’s Grubb had gotten some information about a probable launch window, which didn’t seem too far off. For now, of course, it is always good to stick exclusively to the official updates. From today Dragon Age 4 is in full production and the possibility of really seeing it between 2023 and 2024 would not seem to be so remote. Just as the possibility of seeing real gameplay during the summer does not seem too absurd, maybe during the various appointments summer holidays dedicated to industry. Keep following Tom’s Hardware for all the news and announcements in the pipeline from the world of video games.

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