A Garmin with OLED screen and autonomy from Solar: the patent

Garmin could soon introduce a new smartwatch capable of combining two of the main aspects that users look for in devices of this type: a nice one OLED display and good autonomy. Usually the two things do not really go together and, either on one side or the other, the producers usually make some sacrifices.

An example of this is the new Garmin Instinct 2 which, while promising “infinite” autonomy, actually have screens that, nowadays, seem obsolete (in addition to being tiny in relation to the size of the body, they are also monochromatic).

The Garmin Fenix ​​7 in Solar version behave better which, even if they do not reach levels of autonomy of the same level, better combine the two aspects, despite the fact that the screen is a hair inferior for yield to the OLEDs of the epix 2 series, or of the Venu 2 Plus , to stay at home.

In short, the situation is complicated but Garmin seems to be doing up their sleeves to offer users a new smartwatch / sportwatch capable of excelling in such a setting, that is, combining an OLED screen with a battery capable of offering, also thanks to the solar recharge, super autonomy.

OLED and super autonomy for the eventual Garmin patented Solar smartwatch

The rumors come from a patent that Garmin has recorded in the last few hours which shows the possible debut of an OLED display with an attached photovoltaic module which, in all probability, we expect to be dedicated to a future smartwatch or sportwatch of the company.

From the document no further details and information emerge on the matter, but the only clue in question will make happy all those who wish to have a Garmin watch on their wrist that, in addition to guaranteeing level autonomy, also mounts an OLED screen, which means vibrant colors and, in most contexts, more enjoyable.

Not that transreflective screens (MIPi.e. memory in pixels) that use sunlight itself to illuminate the displays are not good, mind you, but the technology OLED it is undoubtedly more than a step forward. And this is demonstrated by the entire wearables sector, which now almost entirely embraces this technology.

However, for the moment there is nothing else. But beyond the patent in question, it would not be surprising at all to find on the shelves a future Garmin smartwatch equipped with an OLED screen à la epix 2 or Venu 2 Plus with an attached solar charging that goes to fill the gaps that the latter, in some ways, may have in terms of autonomy.

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