Elden Ring available today, but the performance leaves something to be desired

From today it is finally available on all Elden Ring platforms, and if the first reviews are any indication it will be one of those titles that cannot be missed: FromSoftware’s souls-like action RPG, the godmother and the absolute queen of the genre, picked up 10/10, and on Metacritic it is already at the top of the ranking of the best video games of all time along with sacred monsters such as GTA V, RDR2, Zelda Breath of the Wild and Ocarina of Time. The game, remember, is available immediately both for PC and for “next gen” consoles and for “last gen” consoles, which briefly means PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One X | S .

Unfortunately, however, there are some youthful flaws here too; in particular, performance seems to be the thorn in the side. The problem seems to be widespread on all platforms: FromSoftware has even publicly acknowledged that the game does not run as it should on PC, even in spite of the day-one patch. Steam review recap has already plummeted to “Average”, due to crashes, freezes, bugs, glitches and other artifacts that have emerged with a wide variety of hardware configurations reported by more than 29,000 users (and soaring). Lag and stuttering are particularly annoying in a game where the combat system relies heavily on timing.

The developers promise that “they will constantly work on improving the game so that it can be played well on various PC environments and platforms.” It is also suggested to make sure your graphics card drivers are updated to the latest version, which could bring significant improvements. Said this, the study plans to release a PC specific patch “soon” that solves at least the most pressing problems.

On consoles, the situation isn’t much better. Initial Digital Foundry analysis reveals that in fact there is no platform on which it is possible to keep 60 FPS constant: it oscillates between 45 and 60 even in performance mode (in quality mode it also drops to 30 FPS). The only exception is PS5 with a little trick, and that is to install the version for PS4. Graphics quality and resolution are inevitably lower, but at least the fluidity is flawless.