A Hackathon will be held to mint digital assets from virtual reality

A meta-hackathon will take place between February 25 and March 5in order to encourage the use and development of digital assets to develop virtual reality and metaverses, through a initiative of a peruvian project and will feature renowned specialists in crypto, NFT, and the metaverse. The event will have online and face-to-face coverage through workshops at the Hotel Santa Cruz de Miraflores (Peru), with free access for those interested in learning more about these technologies for web 3.

Blockchain workshop week

This meta-hackaton will take place for a week in which attendees will be able to participate in workshops that cover various topics related to blockchain technology, such as cryptocurrencies, NFTs, Web 3 tools or decentralized finance. The event is open to all those interested and enthusiastic about these new technologies. Registration is freeyou just have to register on the website of Andino DAO, a DAO of Peruvian origin that is developing a decentralized project through which they identify, incubate and create companies that use web3 technologies to improve the quality of life in Latin America: www.andino.ventures/metahackaton

International figures attend the meta-hackathon

There are national and international personalities who will attend this face-to-face and virtual event, such as Lenin Tarrillo, founder and CEO of Pachacuy, an NFT world of business and web3 games currently in full swing, and Pía Rivas, CEO of Crypto Nights. , developers of a play to earn game. Also from the USA will be Alex Taub, CEO of Upstream and member of the Bored Ape Yacht Club; and Mónica Rojas, organizer of the Miami Hack Week 2021, among other leading figures in the sector.

Building for Web3

Peru Meta-Hackatón is organized by the technology company Andino DAO, in collaboration with Upstream, private companies and educational institutions such as the Peruvian University of Applied Sciences (UPC), the San Ignacio de Loyola University (USIL) among otherswhich seek to create a space for articulation between communities interested in blockchain technology for the generation of innovative pieces and assets oriented towards virtual reality.

Some experts in the technology sector such as millionaire Bill Gates have already predicted that in just a few years, around 2024, we will all be involved in some way with the metaverse. Although initially it has not had the best results after its historic stock market crash, the objective that Facebook pursues with the rebranding of its company as Meta is to position itself for the metaverse and the use of virtual reality in the coming years.

The founding partner of Andino DAO, Renzo Trujillo, has highlighted the importance of experts in these areas getting involved in disseminating knowledge about the technology of the future web 3 to progressively achieve the decentralization of the internet and create products that favor to the communities of Latin America. “With web3, it will be possible for people to have access and greater power over what is happening around the internetTrujillo pointed out.

Likewise, another of Andino DAO’s partners, Diego Montes, explains that more institutions are needed to support and train in the development of web3 in the Andean community: “Peru is a country with a lot of talent and we must take advantage of technology for its growth“, Montes pointed out in this regard.

A global digital community

One of the advantages is that it allows anyone with a very low barrier to entry to participate. No major investment is required to start using these technologies, even can be done for free to learn or test the tools. There are already numerous resources that can be accessed for free on the internet to become familiar with the basics of these technologies and the meta-hackathon is a good complement to accelerate the learning process and to make contacts in the blockchain industry.

So today there are designers, developers, artists, engineers and entrepreneurs from all over the world creating their custom collections of objects for the Web3, such as tools, characters, cities, etc. in the form of non-fungible tokens or NFTs that help finance your decentralized projects. Unlike the conventional model, this type of project allows creators creative freedom, who can focus on making their works better. For this reason, there are more and more web 3 enthusiasts wanting to learn about these developments.

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