Steam Deck: not even the time to enjoy it that Valve is already thinking about the new model

Today is great day of Steam Deck: the highly anticipated new portable hardware from Valve with high appeal is about to arrive in the homes of fans of the world of PC gaming and beyond. Although today is day one, and many of those who have booked Deck will finally find their purchase in their hands, the US company has already talked about what could be the future of its new hardware.

According to what is also reported in a recent article by the editors of Games Radar, it seems that Valve is already planning what will be a possible Steam Deck 2. From that it seems the new hardware from Valve will aim to offer players an even more performing portable gaming experience and with a whole series of new features that cannot be found in a more traditional experience on a desktop PC.

“The first step is to allow you to play the great games of today. The second iterations of the hardware will concern more what are the features that the world of gaming in portability offers us, beyond those that can be obtained thanks to a traditional desktop or laptop gaming environment “stated the Valve co-founder Gabe Newell during a recent interview that was published in EDGE magazine.

steam deck

Newell added that Valve is thrilled and can’t wait to see what the various companies and development studios will do with the software that will be created to enhance the Steam Deck gaming experience.

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