A LEGO-style Master Chief? Perfect for Halo fans, and costs less than € 30!

If you are passionate about the Halo brand, and are looking for an excuse to buy a new gadget to be exhibited and starring the iconic Master Chiefthen you absolutely cannot give up on this product!

On Amazon, in fact, it is available a very tasty figure dedicated to the legendary Spartanhowever, made with Lego-style blocks, and produced under license by Mega Bloks! A fanciful and captivating product, just like the beautiful Poké Ball that we proposed yesterday, and for more still available on the Amazon pages.

Mega Blocks HaloMega Blocks HaloMega Blocks Halo

Born from a rib of the Mega Bloks set which, over the years, have come very close to the world of videogames, thanks to themed lines dedicated to Assassin’s Creed and Call of Dutythe Kubros line tries to retrace the success of the most famous “BrikHeadz” from Lego. Products which, in turn, owe their success to the depopulation of collectible figures initiated by Funko Pop!.

Following that trail, too Mega Bloks Kubrospresent themselves as characters with a deformed appearance, entirely buildable with bricksand with some plastic accessories to give the characters a more pleasant aesthetic and a minimum of context.

This Master Chief, in this sense, it is no exception. We are talking about a deliberately disproportionate character, but with all those details that contribute to identifying him even at first glance. Green coloring of the armor and yellow ocher visorcan only immediately recall the classic aesthetics of the Xbox character, here made with the help of 147 bricks.

The difference with the Lego line is, however, in mobility. While I BrickHeadzin fact, they are completely static and immovable, i Kubros Mega Bloks they are partially mobile, at least as regards the rotation of the arms and head.

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In short, we are talking about a fancy and “atypical” gadgeteven for a thriving market like that of videogame-themed gadgets and which, thanks to Amazon, can be yours at a truly convincing price: just € 29.80. A small deal that, as always, fits among the many offered by Amazon, which you can find through the offers page of the portal.

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