Abarth’s electrification “starts” from a survey

As we know, Abarth is set to become an electric-only car brand between 2023 and 2024. The first model of this new phase of the brand could already be presented by the end of 2022. It should be a variant of the current 500 electric with modifications to the trim and engine to increase performance. A car about which very little is still known but which should always be created with the aim of satisfying those looking for a vehicle capable of entertaining in the curves.

In this phase of transformation, the brand wants to involve his community as much as possible of over 160,000 Abarth fans present all over the world. Abarth therefore wants to ask its community for help to help shape the models of the future. And speaking of electric, one of the first challenges concerns the sound of the cars. Obviously we do not mean that of the exhaust since there will not be an internal combustion engine. Instead, we speak of the AVAS soundthat is an acoustic warning for pedestrians that signals, for safety reasons, the passage of a battery-powered vehicle below 20 km / h.

For Abarth, even this very important detail goes beyond simple technical execution, becoming a creative tool for expressing one’s style. For this, the brand has decided to create an online survey available on the official pages of Facebook, TikTok and Instagram which will be used to create the new sound of the AVAS system.

The manufacturer proposes three alternatives for sound. The first track, entitled “NEXT TRACK” is inspired by the combination of performance and innovation of Formula E. The second, “CYBER FUN”, is aimed at a younger audience and evokes a digital experience, which derives directly from the world of video games. The third, finally, is titled “ROCK’N ROAR” and is inspired by the sound of a rock guitar.

But this is only the beginning because in the future Abarth intends to involve its large community in other aspects concerning its new electric car.