after all, Realme Pad will be updated to Android 12

Realme Pad had been officially announced at the end of last year and also brought to Italy a few days later, but it had – rightly – made everyone turn up their noses due to a questionable decision by Realme, which fortunately has now decided to retrace his steps.

Great news for Realme Pad, but there will be a wait

As we have seen knowing the technical data sheet and then found in practice in the review, Realme Pad is not exactly a revolutionary Android tablet, but it represents a valid choice in the economic range of the market, especially if found at a lower price than the official price list.

Until a few days ago, it was the choice of Realme, a harbinger of copious and understandable criticisms, that made the purchase not particularly recommended – especially in consideration of the fact that, in general, tablets are replaced much less frequently than smartphones – was the choice of do not update Realme Pad to Android 12.

The objections raised by users and professionals have had the desired effect, so much so that the Chinese manufacturer has decided to retract its initial choice: Realme has just confirmed to colleagues from Android Authority which, after all, Realme Pad will receive an update to Android 12. There is already a reference time window and the bad news is that the wait will not be short: the update is now scheduled for Q3 2022.

A representative of Realme also confirmed another relevant detail: Realme Pad will be the recipient of a software support standard with security patches guaranteed for three years.

In further confirmation of the turnaround, from its page FAQ, any reference to the failure to release software updates for Realme Pad has been removed.

In short, if you were evaluating this tablet and the policy relating to (non) updates had made you desist, now you can consider it again. If so, here it is some offer:

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