Amazon against fake reviewers: the battle comes in the classroom

There are important developments regarding the relevant issue of reviews piloted on Amazon, the largest e-commerce platform in the world, which in recent months has led the giant of Jeff Bezos to exclude several Chinese companies from its platform.

Specifically, Amazon brought the matter into courtsuing the broker platforms that dealt with the generation of bogus reviews for profit. Among these platforms have been mentioned AppSally And Rebatesttwo websites, now closed, which were concerned with generating profit through piloted reviews with the promise of gift products never shipped to unaware users.

As reported by Dharmesh MehtaAmazon’s Vice President of Worldwide Customer Trust & Partner Support, the fake reviews affect the experience of all Amazon customers, generating false expectations And misleading opinions when shopping. Therefore Amazon’s legal action against these phenomena, which they aim to render systematic piloted reviews are intended to prevent the problem.

Amazon has also developed software for the automatic recognition of the reviews piloted, with which he claims to have blocked at least 200 million of “bought” and not honest opinions only in 2020. In fact, just think that platforms like those mentioned above also counted 900,000 subscribers willing to write fake reviews in exchange for benefits.

AppSally, for example, was selling such these reviews as of 20 dollars eachasking the bad guys to ship empty packages to people willing to write fake reviews and provide photographs to upload along with those reviews.