Amazon Echo Buds from today in Italy, pay attention to availability

The Amazon Echo Buds confirm once again how, these days, those who intend to buy a technological product should not take too long to do so in the opening period of pre-orders. Amazon’s true wireless earphones officially debut today in the Italian market, at the end of a short period dedicated to pre-orders in which they were sold at discounted prices starting from 79 euros. The prices return to the list ones, equal to 119 euros (with wired charging case) and 139 euros (with wireless charging case), and times of new deliveries begin to lengthen a lot.

To date, the Amazon Echo Buds in white color are available for delivery within 24 hours, while for the fulfillment of new orders relating to the black model with wired charging case, the date is postponed to June 3-5 – deliveries in 24 hours instead for the more expensive black variant with wireless case. A similar situation had occurred with the arrival of the Amazon Echo Show 15 in Italy, which recorded a long time for the first deliveries since the day of the official debut. The situation could improve in the coming weeks, but also worsen – eg. stocks of the blank variant could also run out quickly.

The Amazon Echo Buds are a good complement to the ecosystem of Alexa-based devices. They are therefore mainly aimed at those who want to keep Amazon’s voice assistant within reach. The others could consider them valid alternatives to the true wireless earphones of the competition, even if it must be said that the offer in the segment is very wide, especially if purchased at list prices. Those who pre-ordered Echo Buds in recent days are already receiving them, the others will have to wait for better times, and new offers.

NOTE: the actual availabilities mentioned in the article are recorded at the time of publication and are subject to change