An interesting feature of Google Messages is reaching new markets

Last year Google had announced the arrival of categories in style Gmaila really cool feature to help manage text messages and to give your hugely popular messaging app an edge Google Messages. This feature was released exclusively to users in the Indian market.

Thanks to the portal 9to5Googlewe become aware of the fact that the support at categories in Google Messages it is about to be extended to more markets worldwide.

How does Google Messages categorization work?

Once the functionality is received by the user, a warning message will appear that reads:

Easily view posts by category

“The application sorts your messages based on sender information and content, which are kept safe on your device”

The user will be invited to enable or disable the feature by visiting the settings of the new “message organization” section.

Within this screen, in addition to being able to enable or disable the viewing messages by categoryit will be possible to set the category that will be set as the main one (between “All”, “Personal” and “Work”) and it will be possible to enable a function to automatically delete OTP messages (One Time Password, ed) after 24 hours of receipt.

Below the search bar, a carousel with the three categories will appear (and you can see how the categories “Personal” and “Work” are accompanied by icons that help their recognition at first sight).

The functionality doesn’t seem, however, as complete as it does Google had launched on the Indian market: in fact, there are some categories that go, for example, to group OTP messages, banking transactions or offers. The categories in which the text messages will be grouped will probably vary regionally: those listed above are in fact those that appeared in the beta version of the app Google Messages on the US market.

This is not surprising, as this self-categorization tool it was originally thought of by Google ad hoc for the Indian community, in order to help users “tame” the high number of text messages:

“We have heard from many Indian users receiving many different types of messages, from friends and family or from companies sending promotions, receipts, order confirmations and more. With so many incoming messages to pay attention to, it can be difficult to separate the important ones from everything else. “

The innovations described are currently only present on the beta version of Google Messages, but we do not know if and when they will also reach our market. You can still download the latest version of the app – and possibly subscribe to the beta program – directly from the Google Play Store, by clicking on the badge below.

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