Android vs iOS: which smartphones are in the sights of would-be hackers?

Which smartphone more often end up in the crosshairs of would-be hackers? Rublon, a company that provides two-factor authentication services, attempted to answer this question by monitoring and analyzing the data produced by user searches on Google.

In short, a new terrain of challenge for the eternal struggle iOS vs Android. For the avoidance of doubt, there is not much talk of which of the two operating systems is more at risk, nor the actual volume of attacks directed against one operating system or the other. Rather, Rublon she was interested in understanding which smartphone brand aroused the greatest interest in aspiring spies, that is, those who dream of illegally accessing the phones of friends, relatives or rivals.

“How do you hack a smartphone with iOS?” or “How can I unlock my girlfriend’s Samsung?”. These are some of the queries analyzed by Rublon.

It turns out that if you take into account the operating system – and only the operating system! – there is generally a greater interest in Android smartphones. In 2021, about 266,400 researches were produced on how to hack smartphones Android, with an average of around 22,200 searches per month. This is against 19,200 searches on how to hack smartphones with iOS, for an average of 1,600 searches per month.

Translated: the interest in hacking Android smartphones is 13 times higher than that for illegally accessing devices with iOS. Overall, interest in Android increased by 49% over the course of 2021, while interest in iOS decreased by 21%.

In 2021 the interest in hacking smartphones with Android has grown by 49%, it is the best time to make sure that your operating system and the apps you have installed are updated to the latest version available“, He communicated to us through the press agency Michal WendrowskiManaging Director and founder of Rublon.

However, the story changes, and a lot, if we leave the operating systems alone and look instead at the brands of the phone. In this case, the research “how to hack an iPhone” was carried out 726,000 times in 2021 and far beats any other research on how to hack smartphones of rival brands, such as Samsung or Huawei.

There are also some interesting gender differences. For example the query “how can i hack my boyfriend’s smartphone?“Aroused an interest 13 times higher than the opposite question, namely on how to hack your girlfriend’s smartphone. Same story for married couples: “how to hack my husband’s smartphone” beats “how to hack my wife’s smartphone” with a ratio of 17 to 1. If this means that on average girls are more jealous (or suspicious) it we leave it to you to decide.

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