App Store users spend twice as much as Google Play users

In 2021users of App Store they spent more than twice as much on subscription services as they did on Google Play: this is the data that emerged from the study by “Sensor Tower”. Worldwide, the top 100 subscription – and non-gaming – apps have produced 13.5 billion dollarsalmost triple that of Google Play (4.8 billion dollarthe).

However, compared to 2020, Google Play has experienced significant growth (equal to 78%), while the expenditure incurred on the App Store by users has undergone an increase of 31%. The app that generated the most money was Youtube, with a whopping 1.2 billion dollars worldwide (including 566.5 million dollars in the United States). In second place, however, Tinder.

Looking ahead, app spending is likely to continue to rise as users view more and more premium content on platforms such as HBO Max, Amazon and Netflix. Furthermore, even apps like Twitter, TikTok and Instagramare creating their own subscription models.