Apple AR: the launch of the new viewer is just around the corner

Gods arrive interesting developments about the device for the augmented reality And virtual reality he has in the pipeline Applewhat will be the first ever for the Cupertino house.

According to what leaked online in the last few hours, Apple’s augmented and virtual reality viewer has reached the end of the test phase in terms of production, and now it would be ready for the next one which will then lead to commercialization. Production for the marketing it should start from August-September 2022.

For the market launchat least according to what was reported by Mark Gurman Bloomberg, perhaps we will need to wait until 2023. On this aspect, Apple has not yet come out into the open.

Second MacRumors They should be coming two versions of the viewer: the first will be dedicated to developersit will cost around $ 3,000 and will have a fairly invasive deisgn; the second will be dedicated to consumer market and it should look like classic glasses.