Aspi, new service areas with Fast charging by 2023

Carry out adequate charging network dedicated to electric cars is certainly one of the objectives that our country is aiming for the most. The plans of Motorways for Italy in fact, they begin to materialize to lay the foundations for an adequate recharging network along the main road network.

The latest news regarding the plans of Aspi were disclosed by the managing director himself, Roberto Tomasi, during a hearing before the Environment and Transport committees of the Chamber.

We currently have about twenty projects underway for electric car charging in service areas and we will close the year with 50 infrastructure service areas for recharging, he explained..

There is therefore no shortage of new projects that will lead to the optimization of the network of columns that are also indispensable along the motorway network. For the next few years, the CEO says that there will be a much higher number than the current infrastructures.

By June 2023 we will have 100 service areas with fast charge recharges, which allow you to recharge the car in 15-20 minutes. The columns will be positioned at 50 km from each other, as required by European indications.

According to what was declared during the hearing, Roberto Tomasi underlined how the Aspi plan does not aim only at a wider and more efficient charging network. In fact, the same spiano provides for a sum equal to € 14.5 billionmore 7 billion in maintenance activities for a total volume of 21.5 billion that will be built over the next 10 years. in detail, the concession has an expiration date of 2038.

We are making the infrastructures under management more efficient and working to ensure that the country has a completely modernized network. The first step of this process was the turnaround of the infrastructure surveillance activities, now managed by a consortium of external companies of international importance, which allowed us to carry out over 19,000 inspections in a year between bridges, viaducts and tunnels, he concluded. Tomasi.