Aston Martin: Vantage and DBX will still be the safety cars for the F1 season

Aston Martin will continue to provide the official cars for the Safety Car and for the Medical Car also for the next Formula One season, at the starting line to animate the new season.

The Aston Martin Vantage will be the Safety Car and, as usual, will be driven by Bernd Mayländer. The car will be equipped with a brand new livery, radio antennas mounted on the side of the body, new LED rear lights and an LED light bar mounted on the roof for signaling to the drivers. Additionally, the car is well covered with cameras inside and out to provide support for television footage.

However, the characteristics of the engine that will provide the horsepower and the power necessary to keep the new Formula One single-seaters at bay during the laps in a safe regime have not been specified, revised in their aesthetics and aerodynamics, to cope with the new regulations.

The medical car will be embodied, however, by the DBX. Its heart enjoys a power of 550 hp and 700 Nm of torque that allows it to burn 0-100 kilometers in just 4.5 seconds. There will be on board Dr. Ian Roberts, the coordinator of the FIA ​​medical aid. The medical car is capable of carrying a lot of equipment, from fire extinguishers to a defibrillator, not to mention a large bag for the medical kit.

As with the Aston Martin Vantage, too the DBX was fitted with FIA approved racing seats, with six-point seat belts. Inside the cabin there is also space for numerous TV screens so that the Doctor can see exactly, in real time, what is happening in the race while sitting inside the car.

Tobias Moersmanaging director of Aston Martin Lagonda, said: “It is a continual source of pride for me and for the whole company to see our cars play a crucial role in Formula 1. Our Vantages and DBXs will be present at 12 Grands Prix this year and, as much as I hope they will not be called. too often in races, I think we all know they will be important again. We are thrilled to be a part of the Formula One show!

F1 2022 will open its doors in Bahrain on the weekend of 18-20 March.